The association


Promoting social inclusion to enable each individual, and in particular the most disadvantaged, to participate fully in society and to be able to engage in an activity has been our core business for over 20 years. Our action consists in the individualized accompaniment of our employees in integration with the aim of removing the obstacles of access to employment.

Partnership at the heart of the association's development

The association was created in 2002 by the SNCF and the CEPI (Club des Entreprises pour l’Insertion) in order to set up a soft mobility offer, in particular the rental and guarding of bicycles, in Mulhouse station. It is with 3 young jobs, 25 bicycles financed by the city of Mulhouse and the support of Sitram that Locacycles (former name of Médiacycles) was born. That same year, when the Ambiance association was dissolved, the Association recovered its mediation activity in the SNCF transports. In 2006, and in partnership with the company Kunegel/LK Tours, the Association develops its activity in the field of mobility by starting an activity of mediation in the school transports in Saint-Louis and the accompaniment of people in situation of mental handicap in the collective transports. 2007 marks the start of the vehicle maintenance activity for Citiz. In 2010, the Association officially decided to change its name to MEDIACYCLES, as the mediation and accompaniment of mentally handicapped people represented a high proportion of its activity in terms of hours and turnover.

A cycle offer that is once again relevant

Since 2018 and with the obtaining of a new market of management of a fleet of electrically assisted bicycles, the Association returns to its original activity, without forsaking the other equally important activities developed until now, to propose a more important cycle service offer for individuals and companies. Since 2002, the Association has gone from 3 youth jobs to 55 employees in integration with a constant flow and 7 permanent full-time employees. Each year, our support allows about 55% of the employees to leave the association for sustainable employment or training leading to a qualification.


A committed team

Since its inception, the Association has been able to count on an involved and dynamic Board of Directors, with members putting their experience at the service of the Association. Among our members are Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération, the City of Mulhouse, the SNCF, Soléa, the Tourist Office and other active members.

Daniel Kelai


Inclusion is not a market, it's a responsibility!

Denis Rambaud


Access to mobility for all, today's challenge

Aziza Imloul


Promoting an inclusive society to enable everyone to find a place in society